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In the existing line of tooling products, there is a continuous development and evolution in technological reforms. In the pursuit of precise accuracy; standardization in production; and reforms in dies' structures, not only we could realize the advantages of good quality products; short delivery lead-time and competitive prices, but also be able to build up a high-level of confidence and trust among our customers.

Super Hi-Speed Dies (over 2000 SPM); Forming Dies; Drawwing Dies; Assembly Dies; Super Micro Bending Dies; Micro-Flash /No Cutting-Surface Dies(patent).Precision tooling and dies for plastic injection moldings.

In the fusion of quality control in process of the production for dies & components and quality assurance system, we are able to manufacture some Hi-Precision parts for electronic equipments. On the spiritual basis of quality perfection within all process, together with the technical reforms and the pursuit of Hi-Speed/Hi-Efficiency/Hi-Quality, we develop a good and traceable inspection management system.

Automobiles; Machineries; Civilians; Computers; Connectors for Telecommunications; Flexible PCB (FPC) Connerctor Contacts for preventing Functional Damages(patent); LCD components; IC/LED parts; Switches & Motor parts.

Pressed products for mobile phones and digital cameras
These parts are used in FPC connectors. Thanks to our technology that shaves up to 60% of the thickness from processed material and 0.08 mm or more in width, our products contribute to the lower profile, multi-functional design of mobile phones.

Insert molding products for mobile phones and digital cameras
These are board-to-board connectors with a pitch of 0.4 mm. We have reduced in-process defects by producing them in a clean room, thus offering stable-quality insert molding products.

Pressed products for automobile wiring fixtures
These are important connectors used for control of the engine and brakes. For the dimensional control of products, total inspection is conducted during press processing to guarantee the quality of products that involve human safety. These products are manufactured with compound processing, which combines two materials of different quality within one mold.

Press products for compact flash connectors
By controlling metal molds, the product with different types of cutout, bending , and crushing can be manufactured simultaneously. Previously the speed was 300-400 shots per minute, but it has now accelerated to 800 or more shots. The number of parts can be reduced to one, resulting in greater flexibility in product design. They also greatly contribute to cost reduction and shorter delivery time.

Pressed products for medical instruments
This is a needlestick-prevention device for medical intravenous needles. Two types of materials with different thicknesses are combined and processed.

Pressed products for optical components
These are parts for laser pickup devices in DVD players. They are made of a nickel alloy with a diameter of approximately 2 mm. The flange has a protrusion of 7/100 mm in height.

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