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TPS directs company-wide efforts for corporate ethics and compliance. We also recognize that protecting personal information by proper handling is an important social responsibility. To help your understanding, we would like to announce our fundamental protection plan for the handling of personal information offered through this website.

Offering of personal information
In some cases, we ask for personal information through this website so as to provide information from our company in response to an inquiry about products and financial information. In these cases, the personal information is provided at your discretion.

The purpose of using personal information
We state the reason for using personal information on each page where the customer provides personal information. The information provided by the customer is not used for purposes other than as stated.

Management of personal information
Our company endeavors to guarantee and improve information security in order to manage personal information safely. For the handling of personal information from visitors to this website, we implement the required measures appropriate for safety and control. We will not provide customer information to a third party without proper justification as described below.
Business in connection with management of this website or business related to the use and management of the customer's personal information may be entrusted to an external third party. In this case, we select the consignee carefully and properly monitor the handling of all customer personal information.
Depending on the type and contents of the inquiry or request, the customer's personal information may be provided to a third party, but will be limited to the information required and only to the extent necessary. In this case, after indicating in advance on this website, the customer's consent is requested.
Personal information may be offered without prior consent when required in an emergency to protect fundamental human rights including human life, when cooperating with administrative agencies as provided by statute, or when required by law.

Disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cessation of use of personal information
In the event that you require disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, cessation of use of your personal information, please contact the company via the Inquiry form. To thoroughly prevent leaks of personal information, we will respond appropriately to the request as soon as possible only when the relevant personal information is identified as your own information.

Attention about the danger of leaks of information due to the characteristics of the Internet
During the transmission of information via the Internet and e-mail, data may be monitored or leaked by a third party. When you provide personal information, please be aware of the danger. This website links to other websites. Please refer to those websites for the handling of personal information on the linked websites.

Cookies store a record of websites accessed by your computer via a browser.* Cookies are used for proper, safe management and operation of this website by offering convenience to visitors, preventing unauthorized access, or locating and recovering devices including servers. Cookies are not used or disclosed in association with your personal information.

* If you do not want to use cookies, you can refuse to accept them by changing the settings in your own Internet browser. The method for changing browser settings may vary with your computer and browser. Please contact the manufacturer of your computer or browser.

Notification of changes to the privacy policy
The privacy policy is subject to change without notice when necessary. Please refer to the latest version of the privacy policy when using this website.

Inquiry and communication about the customer's personal information
Our company considers it very important for the customer to obtain a sufficient understanding of the handling of personal information. If you have any comments or questions about the contents of the privacy policy, please contact the company via the Inquiry form. When you wish to access your personal information, please contact the company via the Inquiry form. We will respond to the request appropriately as soon as possible.

April 1,2005
Koji Takagi

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